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89 Days to Close 😎

When buying a home, long closing times can definitely happen! What is a long close? A typical closing, where the buyer is securing a mortgage and is already pre-qualified with local mortgage broker, takes about 30 days.

Closing can be prolonged due to obstacles the buyer has to overcome - like improving credit or paying off a debt - or that the seller has to overcome - usually issues with the home that an appraiser has called out and that must be addressed in order for lender to back the mortgage.

In this scenario, it was the latter.

First off, I’m so happy for my clients; first-time VA homebuyers that went the distance and closed on the ideal property for their home goals! The way they handled every adversity as we navigated through this long closing motivated ME! What a blessing 😇

Secondly, the sell side was completely amazing. It was a second-layered blessing to have a seller that stepped up to the plate to make every change needed to get through this very grueling appraisal process, and a selling broker that communicated every step of the way — wow!! 🤩 Thank you, Drew Helms!

Thirdly, as always, financing side was amazing; bringing us across home plate at the end and sealing this deal up neatly and nicely! Thank you Joe Hoffman and team at Mortgage One Northwest 💪

Thinking of buying? The Wendy Home Group is the first place to start! Reach out and let’s get your pathway to home ownership mapped out; my team will be here to guide you every step of the way!

Wendy Lane-Borland | WA Real Estate Broker


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